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Welcome to Antithesis!

A little info about us:

We were formed just a couple months ago in February.  A few of us from different guilds came together and formed our own guild, because we wanted to progress further than was being allowed in our old guild.  Most of us have been playing/raiding together for a couple years now, having cleared all normal content Pre-Cata, and some hard modes.  The core of our group is a very dedicated and experienced group of raiders who want nothing more than to push content.

What we expect from our raiders:

Dedication and the same passion as most of us have to progress through current content.  We expect everyone to know every aspect of their class (this includes any off-spec that you might have, as we do on occasion use them in raids).  You must treat the calendar with respect, what is meant by this is you must select a status for ANY and all invites that you get. The only add-on that we require to raid is some type of boss mod, any other add-on that is used is completely optional.  We expect you to be on time, with flasks and appropriate food buffs, if you have received a raid invite.  ALL gear must be gemmed and enchanted appropriately.  We also ask that your professions are maxed (this is only to maximize your performance).

Raid days:

This fluctuates from week to week, mainly due to work schedules of our guildies.  The one day that we usually try to avoid, unless theres no way around it, is Monday.

Raid time:

We generally start around 8pm est and finish between 11 and 12.   Sometimes later depending on progression.


We use a point system.  For every piece of gear that you get, you recieve 1 point.  Loot priority is as follows;  main/main   main/off    off/main    off/off.  There are separate points for main and offspec.  Any new raider brought in will be brought up to the same amount of points as their gear competitors.  Any raider in the guild, that hasnt been in a guild raid for a full lockout will be brought to the same amount of points as their gear competitors.  We have used this system for a while now, and it seems to be a very fair way of distributing loot and for raid progression.


Being a fairly new guild we are a bit behind most guilds.  We are currently 9/12 normal.  The progression came fast and then slowed down a bit, due to having to teach people fights and strategies.  We have no doubt that we will be working on heroics in the weeks to come.


We are currently recruiting any exceptional player with an outstanding raid background.  Upon recruitment, gear and spec will be checked.  You will then have to ge through an interview in vent, telling us why you want to join us, why you are leaving your current guild, why it would benefit us if you joined, and your current raid progression.

We are in high need of:
Resto/Elemental shaman
Shadow Priest

We strive to be the best we can, and are hoping to build our ranks to make us that much better.
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Raid progression

aragjaedenar, Mar 1, 11 11:27 AM.
Current content down thus far:

Bastion of Twilight
-Valiona and Theralion
-Ascendant Council

Blackwing Descent

Throne of the Four Winds
-Conclave of Wind
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